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JC423 D383 2018  
  Barcode: 30100100110133


JC423 D383 2018


9786168139240 (pbk.)


Democracy, constitution and human rights / Ingwer Ebsen, Dirk Ehlers and Henning Glaser, Editors


Cover title: Democracy, constitution and human rights : festschrift in honour of Warawit Kanithasen


Ԫҡ 70 Է ɰʹ


ЪҸԻ Ѱ٭ Էª : ҧԪҡ ѧ ѹ

2nd revised and expand ed.


Bangkok : CPG, 2018.


542 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


Contents: Cosmopolitan Lawyer, Diplomat, Humanist- Dr.Warawit Kanitasen and the CPG/ Henning Glaser
-- äѴ͡н֡ͺѺ觵繢ҪдѺ٧ͧ (Ecole Nationale d Administration ENA) [Selection and Training of Appointees for the Senior Civill Service in France (Ecole Nationale d'Administration or ENA)]/ ɳ ѭ (Vishnu Varunyou)
-- ԵЧҹͧʵҨ .Ԫ (Prof. Dr.Ulrich Scheuner, 1903-1981) (Life and Work of Prof. Dr.Ulrich Scheuner)/ ح ǧ (Boonsri Mewongukote)
-- 㨵ѹ˹ (How well do we Understand the West?)/ . ѡ (Sulak Sivaraksa)
-- ѵԽ 1789:ҡáԴ鹢ͧ觪ҵԨ֧èѴӤӻСԷªоͧ (The French Revolution: From the Establishment of the Nationnal Convention to the Making of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen)/ ºص ʧ
-- ѧ繻ЪҸԻ: س ѧ (Democratic Society: Values and Hope)/ ó ѧ (Vannapar Tirasangka)
-- ;ԨóѧࢻǡѺԴ鹢ͧѰ٭ Ѱ٭㹺Ժͧ¹ŧûͧ 24 Զع¹ 2475 (Brief Remarks on the Constitution Making and the Constitution in the Context of the 1932 Revolution)/ ਵ Ҥѵ (Worachet Pakeerut)
-- èѴѰ٭ȵɷ 21: ͺԧкǹáѺԷǹͧЪҪ (Constitution Making in the 21st Century: Procedural Legitimacy and the People's Right to Particpate)/ ٹ෾ Թؾ (Poonthep Sirinupong)
-- ͧ "çɰԨ" "ҡôԧС͹" 㹻Ѩغѹ (Loking the "The Economic Plan": "From Womb to Tomb" in Contemporary Times)/ ԵԷѳ ح (Issariya Nitithanprapas Bunyasiri)
-- "ѹԻЪҸ" شóͧҨ (The "Santi Pracha Dhamma" Ideology of Prof. Puey)/ Դ ͹ѹҸ (Kasidit Ananthanathon)
-- ˭ԧ صԸ ФçӺҴ (Women, Justice and the Memory of Wounds)/ ѧ 侨Ե (Angkhana Neelapaijit)-- Ҩе͵ҹ༴稡ҧ (Ҥ) [How do we Withstand a Dictatorship? (Prequel)]/ ͡ ¹ѵ-- Ҫҧ͡ THE KING OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT: ŻѹҾ (THE KING OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT: On the Eternal Art of Peace)/ Թʴ ʹҧ (Sinsawat Yodbangtoei)-- ѹҾ ѹҾѧ (From the Peace of Free Thai Movement to Peace in Thai Society)/ һѹ Ծԯ (Thapanan Nipithakul)-- Non-Violence and Multilateral Diplomacy/ Ioan Voicu-- Asia and the Right to Democratic Governance/ Niels Petersen-- Democracy and Majority Rule/ Ingwer Ebsen-- The State and Religious Communities - Their Relationship and Its Development in Germany/ Dirk Ehlers-- On the Constitutionality of Political Parties in Germany: The Federal Constitutional Court's Innovative NPD Decision/ Lasse Schuldt-- 'People's Sector Politics' (Kanmueang Phak Prachachon) in Thailand: Problems of Democracy in Ousting Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra/ Michael H. Nelson-- Resistance to Military Rule in Thailand: Legal Mobilization as Brokerage Mechanism Between Rural Villagers and Urban Middle-Classes in Resisting Military Rule in Thailand/ Eugenie Merieau-- Watchmen With and Without Arms? Some Remarks on Selected Oversight Bodies Under the 2017 Constitution/ Henning Glaser-- Towards an Intellectual Agenda Against Dictatorship/ Tyrell Haberkorn-- Staat und Nation in Liang Qichaos "Erneuerung des Volkes" (State and Nation in Liang Qichao's "Renovation of the People")/ Duc Quang Ly-- Perspektiven der Demokratie in Mali (Prospects of Democracy in Mali)/ Salifou Traore-- List of Contributors


Abstract: ˹ѧ 繡ǺԪҡ 3 ѧ ѹ ռ¹·ҹǴǧ 駻ѵʵ йѡԨǴǧԷª зҹǹդ㨴ҹѲ оĵԡҧѧͧ ֧ͧ㹻ѨغѹӤѭѺԷª öҹٹʹԷª


With the compliments of Mr.Apisit Panwilai.